The Twilight of America's Omnipresence

The Twilight of America's OmnipresenceThe Twilight of America's Omnipresence: China's Aggrandizement in a New Era of Multipolarity

That China is a rising global power asserting her presence on the global stage is undeniable, The Twilight of America's Omnipresence is a groundbreaking erudition that deposes the mainstream meta-narrative of Empire and ushers in the notion of "omnipresence" in the context of the challenge now presented by China and other emerging centers of gravity to the United States on an imposing world stage.

Omnipresence is about the effectuation of unparalleled sway held in subatomic, genetic and exotellurian domains, the influence and inevitable control over the collective human mind, a global information grid endowed with the wherewithal to integrate traditional forms of information with all-source intelligence, not to mention expansionism beyond all known spheres and into the realms of inner and outer space. These constitute the domains for the inevitable showdown. Simultaneous with formidable breakthroughs statehoods are collapsing, geopolitical blocs are being rattled by economic and social disruption and buckle in close succession under the bedlam, even as new and overwhelmingly invigorated state and non-state actors face off and make an all out lunge for end-day weaponry, scarce minerals and vital resources. Does this necessarily bode the concluding chapters of U.S. puissance? Whether and for how long America endures as the world's first and only superpower will be decided by three instrumentalities - ideas, ideology and technology.

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